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Science on the Sound (9-12)

For high school students and teachers, Science on the Sound programs link classroom learning to current marine science and conservation efforts in Salem Sound and the Gulf of Maine. Science on the Sound units (Phytoplankton Investigations and Marine Invasive Species Investigations) include field studies at the coast and/or aboard the HOBBES vessel Sound, where students gain an appreciation for their local marine environment while learning skills and methodologies to evaluate issues that confront them now. Units also include background and follow-up classroom materials and activities designed to reinforce math and science skills and to put selected topics into historical and cultural context.

Choose from two topics:

Phytoplankton Investigations - Explore the critical role phytoplankton plays in the marine food web, in global warming and climate regulation, and in relation to toxic algal blooms and shellfish contamination. Students collect and analyze data to predict the timing of local phytoplankton blooms and presence of harmful species.

Marine Invasive Species Investigations - Investigate the history, sources and mechanisms of marine invasions, and their impact on marine ecosystems, local economies and human health. Students collect population data on the recent invader, Hemigrapsus sanguineus (Asian Shore Crab), and evaluate its impact on native species and the local marine environment.

Teacher Resource Guides in the form of a DVD accompany each program, providing complete materials and step-by-step instructions for teachers to undertake Science on the Sound topics. Teacher training workshops are also offered - contact us for dates and locations.