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Since our founding in 1999, HOBBES has grown from a vision of enriching lives through connection to the sea, to a reality. Beginning with the purchase of the R/V Sound in January 2000 and subsequent overhaul, the Sound was Coast Guard certified and ready for action by the fall of 2000. In the summer of 2001 we began offering summer programs for children ages 6-12. Our summer programs have since expanded to include a range of scientific and artistic explorations in and around Salem Sound, for kids age 6-14.

In 2001 HOBBES developed the academic enrichment programs collectively called Coastal Expeditions. The programs are designed to connect classroom learning to the local marine environment, integrating the rich social and historical elements of the North Shore’s maritime tradition with technology and marine science.

HOBBES now also offers eco-tours for those interested in learning first-hand about the marine environment and historical connections with human activities.